StripInvaders Light System


A great LightStrip system controlled by your Smartphone or Tablet. Connect StripInvaders to your LAN and enjoy your own Lightshow! Features:

  • 15 different Light Modes, more will follow
  • Stepless adjust the RGB values​​
  • Stepless adjust the animation speed
  • Control StripInvaders wireless with your iPhone/iPad/Android Phone/Android Tablet
  • Bonjour and mDNS support
  • Modify or create your own Interfaces


I want such a DIY package, where can I get one?

Check out my Shop page to get a reel of 5m LED Strip. There are 32 RGB LEDs per meter and you can control each LED individually (32 controller IC)! Each LED can display 16 million colors per pixel and the LED Strip needs 5 Volt to operate, the same Voltage an Arduino needs! This should simplify the setup of your installation.

If you have questions contact me at michu (at)

Boxtec sells a All-In-One Pack, they even preload the Arduino with the latest StripInvaders Firmware!


How do I assemble the StripInvaders System? What do I need?

What is additionally required to assemble a StripInvaders System?

StripInvaders in action:

Howto Assemble StripInvaders: