PixelInvaders DIY Pack

I want such a DIY package, where can I get one?

Check out my Shop page. If you have questions contact me at michu (at) pixelinvaders.ch.

PixelInvaders Panel DIY Basic Pack

You get 70 Led modules (only 64 are needed for a PixelInvaders Panel) and the build plan. Start your own PixelInvader today! This Pack is small and ideal to ship. However you need additional material to complete the PixelInvaders Panel, namely:

  • 14 PVC foam boards with dimensions 800mm * 60mm * 3mm to create a 8 x 8 Louver
  • 8 cube fasteners, perforated, used to connect the back plate with the front casing
  • 4 sidewalls with dimensions 806mm * 70mm * 6mm, made of acrylic glass (plexiglass),
  • 1 backplate with dimensions 812mm * 812mm * 5mm, made of acrylic glass or wood
  • 1 frontplate with dimensions 812mm * 812mm * 3mm, made of opal acrylic glass

You get detailed Assembly instructions to create the housing and wire up everything.


How do I assemble the panel? What do I need?

What is additionally required to assemble a PixelInvader Panel?

  • tools like a knife, a drilling machine, optional: adhesive for acrylic glass (as Acrifix 116 or Ruderer L530), optional: a soldering iron to connect cables
  • an Arduino/Teensy (or compatible) board – only one needed for several panels
  • 12 Volt power supply – you may use an old ATX Power supply
  • a few cables
  • optional: TV wall mount kit
  • time and patience
  • a bit of foam board for the backplate


How much does a Basic Pack cost?


Please see the PixelInvaders shop for more details.


Technical Data



Supported operating systems Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Hardware requirements At least Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz, 1GB RAM
Control of the PixelController software Computer (Mouse and Keyboard)
MIDI interface, e.g. AKAI MPD26
OSC interface, e.g. TouchOSC (iOS, Android)
Connection of the PixelInvaders 3D panel: USB interface
Functions of PixelController: Generators (the video image gets generated)
Effects (the video image gets modified)
Mixer (multiple video images are combined)
Fader (Switching between video-mixed images)
Colorset (Consistent colors)
Modes of the PixelInvaders Software: Manual control
Random control
Predefined settings



Each panel consists of 64 individually addressable pixels fields.

Dimensions (W x H x D): 812mm x 812mm x 75mm
Body material: Acrylic glass
Weight: 13 kg
Light sources: 192 high-intensity LED
Resolution: 900 LED/m2
Color Palette: 16.7 million additive RGB colors
Color Resolution: 15 bit Gamma corrected
Operating voltage: 12V
Electrical power output: Maximal 46 Watt, Average 20-25 Watt
LED Lifespan: up to 50,000 hours
Operating Environment: Indoor, LED IP66
Humidity: 0 bis 85% noncondensing


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