PixelController – a matrix control project by Michael Vogt , (c) 2010-2013. The main goal of this application is to create an easy to use matrix controller software which creates stunning visuals!
I created this application to control the PixelInvaders panels.




Download the latest PixelController version from Google Code (Crossplattform).
The Source Code is released on GitHub – feel free to fork it!

Check out the rough Cut Video #1:

Check out the rough Cut Video #2:



A visual is a real-time generated animation and includes the following components:

  • 1 Colorset: a defined color set
  • 2 Generators: generates the image content
  • 2 Effects: modifies the image content
  • 1 Mixer: merges two image content

A visual can be assigned to one or multiple output panels, here are two examples:
PixelController facts:

  • 45 Colorsets
  • 15 Generators
  • 12 Effects
  • 11 Mixers
  • 4 Faders

Supported control options:

  • Integrated GUI
  • OSC protocol
  • MIDI (when using PureData)



If you have a question about PixelController, don’t hesitate to contact me at michu at pixelinvaders dot ch.

If you want to donate for PixelController – be my guest!